About Us

Kabundi Secondary School is a government owned school. The motto of the school states:“Service to Mankind”. The mission statement is “To provide a conducive atmosphere, quality education and instill a senses of responsibility in pupils, staff and community by preparing the learner to meet future challenges through developing creativity, hard work and self-motivation in order to live and contribute effectively to national development’.

The school is located in the southern part of Chingola district in between Kabundi East and South Residential Areas. The school was opened on 29th July, 1974 by the then Minister of Education Mr. Fwanyanga Mulikita. In its quest to provide quality education, the Zambian government sourced the funds for the construction of the school from the World Bank.

After the completion of the school construction in 1974, Mr. Lupeta was appointed the first Headteacher of the school and the current headteacher is Mr Nyirenda Amos. At the time of opening, there was no recruitment of pupils which was done but pupils were imported from other schools like Chikola and Chingola secondary schools. The number of teachers was small and the government had to employ the services of expatriate teachers.

Over the time, the population of the school has grown at a very fast rate and the population is now over 1800 pupils and about 71 teachers. The school has the following number of classes for each Grade:

  • Grade 12 = 7Classes
  • Grade 11 = 07 Classes
  • Grade 10 = 06 Classes
  • Grade 9 =04 Classes
  • Grade 8 = 04 Classes
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