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    Does your E-commerce Website Developer provide you with these 72 Must-Have Features for your E-Commerce Website? If not, Whatsapp us today on +918447252168 for World-Class E-Commerce Website Development Services.Pls download the wallpaper & watch it in detail. You can also read the wallpaper text below the image. You can also download the PDF version for non-compressed image here:…-infographic.pdf Terms For E-Commerce Sites Development: are at the below of the page.

    Home, Header & Footer Features List

    1. Top-level domain with HTTPS. An ecommerce site must have a top level domain with a secured connection. If your site exclusively serves a certain country, then use a country code domain.

    2. Business logoPlace your business logo at a prominent position of the header. Preferably near the left.

    3. User-friendly navigationA clear navigation bar improves the UX of your site – mandatory for every page.

    4. WishlistSometimes, a customer may be interested in a product but decide to buy it later. Or a customer may find a product interesting and want to check that later for more details. A wishlist allows them to store a list of these products so that they can easily find them next time they visit your site.

    5. Customer loginYour site should definitely let the customers register and login. It’s best to place this on the top bar for easy access.

    6. Store finderIf your ecommerce site has physical stores or pick-up points, a store locator at the top bar can make them easy for your customers to find.

    7. Language optionsIf your ecommerce site has multiple versions for different regions, then you can include language options to let users switch between different languages/regions.

    8. Shopping cartObviously, the shopping cart is an integral part of any ecommerce site. The best position to place it is the upper right corner.

    9. Search barIf you optimise your search bar properly, it can become a powerful tool for conversions.

    10. Phone numberWhether it be enquiring about a particular product or clarifying business hours, customers may need to call you for various reasons. Mentioning the contact number at the top makes this easy for them.

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